Traces 痕跡 by yuen-yi lo羅婉儀

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「我以鉛筆繪畫為開端,而發展。碎片是內容,是多年來存留下來的物;碎片是載體,是生活裡存有的狀態;碎片是結果,完成的和未完成的。」 ──

“My creative work starts with pencil drawing and continues from it. Fragments are the content of my work, meaning the objects that I have been keeping for all these years. Fragments can also be the media that carry my work, which are the ways that things exist in life. And fragments can refer to the outcome of my artworks, both finished and unfinished ones.” –
Traces is the monograph of the artist Yuen-yi LO. Pencil drawing has been the core of her creative work; by drawing ordinary objects and fragments, the artist retains traces of the faded life experience and memories. Pencil drawing and ordinary old objects share common characteristics: they are treated secondary or periphery, or are excluded from discourse. They are in fact essential. The artist explores the world through drawing the bits and peripherals – after all, the world is made up of fragments.
In addition to the collection of image work, Traces comprises of 7 articles depicting experiences of drawing and objects.


Publisher MOSSES
245 × 317 mm
42 pages
Traditional Chinese & English
Duotone plates offset printing
Z-folding with hard cover
ISBN 978-988-77930-7-6