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In the form of book




How do we feel time? Put a blank piece of paper by the windowsill, gaze at it, and there it is — time. Time is the movement of light, the construction and deconstruction of things, and with it, feelings that course through our bodies.

Selecting materials in an anomalous way for a dimensional presence, a shadow is cast under the glare of light. The structure of a book is a type of architecture — one that steadies, extends, folds, moves and sculpts time.

Book is a design that leads us through a landscape of time.  



香港獨立出版社 Mosses,由2013年起出版各類題材的小眾書刊。出版團隊強調內容編集及設計的重要性──追求選紙、印刷和釘裝等技術應用,讓紙本得以彰顯收藏價值。而Mosses 一直探尋傳統發行方式以外的可能性,積極地參與世界各地的獨立書節,讓紙本成為打開溝通之門的國際語言。

Hong Kong independent publisher Mosses has published niche publications on a variety of topics since 2013. The team particularly emphasises the importance of publication design and content editing, meticulously applying the techniques of paper selection, print production and book binding to showcase the value of printed publications. An active participant in independent book fairs around the world, Mosses continues to search for possibilities beyond traditional distribution channels so that printed publications can be a vessel for communication across countries and cultures.