A Piece Of Magazine Vol.1

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從「Taste of paper」出發,讓一眾年輕藝術創作者透過自身對食物的情感、回憶,以紙本美學、藝術形式展現食物最為自然的美態及味道。畫家黃姿蕾表達了對自然的珍愛,即使是別人眼中《不受寵愛的兄弟姊妹》,她的畫作帶我們重新認識自然與生俱來的美;另一位畫家黃思哲則以石黏土雕塑與食物結合,創造出虛實交錯的場景,帶我們進入《小說日記》的世界;廚師黃家皓一直以烹調宣揚信念–– 崇尚《自然飲食》絕非口號,其實是對生活的一種態度;早午晚餐基本需要,忙不開交的日子裡還有定時用餐嗎?鋪上手藝師伍家琪的《時間餐墊》,愛惜自己同時擁抱親友,好好過生活。對食物滿懷好奇心,進行了一連串偵查行動的設計師莊丹妮,她用視覺向各位分享她的《室友》之美。

Taking off from the idea of ‘the taste of paper’, A piece of is a magazine that brings together food, art and paper. With paper serving as the dishware, we invite various young talents from a variety of creative disciplines to serve up their own perception of food and explore what these ubiquitous staples teach us all about eating, creating and living.

In this inaugural issue, A piece of starts by reconsidering the beauty of food through illustrator Wong Chi Lui’s graceful interpretations of disfigured vegetables. Artist Wong Chi Lui uses vegetables and clay to construct dramatic scenes that takes us to where reality and fiction interplay; chef Jack Wong, an advocate of natural dining, explains how this new concept reflects an attitude towards living; artisan Christina Ng ponders how food fits into hectic days of city dwellers through handcrafted time mats; designer Dani Chong appreciates food from a whole new angle through her striking cross-sections.

參與藝術家 Participating Artists
Christina Ng
Dani Chong
Jack Wong
Wong Chi Lui
Wong Sze Chit


Published by Mosses
196mm(w) x 265mm(h)
72 pages
Traditional Chinese & English
Offset printing
Lightweight-coated paper
Smyth sewn binding
ISBN 978-988-77930-0-7