A piece of –– the taste of paper Vol.1

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結合食物、藝術與紙張的雜誌。每期邀請來自各地、不同界別的年輕創作人,以藝術手法與無窮想像,分享對於「吃」的獨特見解,帶來各式關於生活的想像。 此期邀請了畫家黃思哲以食物題材,創作一篇《小說日記》;「靛」餐廳主理人黃家皓分享他經驗中食物和藝術的關係;產品設計師伍家琪製作了一幅幅的「時間餐墊」;平面設計師莊丹妮以其精準的目光,分解、重組蔬果的結構。 食物的存在不只為補充身體能量,更是對生活意念的啟發。基於各種情感依賴,不斷回憶、尋找和創作。觸手可及的食物,此刻,成為了藝術家的靈感來源。

A magazine bringing together food, art and paper. In exploring living and lifestyle, each issues invites young creatives around the world from different disciplines to share their unique perspectives on food through artistic methods and imagination without bounds. 

 This issue invites artist Wong Szechit’s Fiction Diary; Jack Wong, owner of Dean’s Cafe shares about the relationship between food and art from experience; product designer Christina Ng creates pieces of ‘time mats’; graphic designer Dani Chong deconstructs vegetables into striking cross-sections with a precise perspective. 

 Food is never just for physical sustenance, rather it is a catalyst for a way of life — a continual emotive process of remembering, searching and creating, and a tangible source of inspiration for artists.

Christina Ng, Dani Chong, Jack Wong, Wong Chi Lui, wongszechit


Size: 196 × 264 × 6mm
Pages: 72 pages
Binding: Smyth sewn binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2015
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-0-7