A piece of –– the taste of paper Vol.2

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吃與藝術,本質都是純粹的分享。 《A Piece of》Vol.2邀請了攝影師殷家樑以照片紀錄了天台種植的香草;版畫師林沛鈺用她的手,結合油墨、雕刻刀,分享旅居外地的情感記事;詩人凌愷晴以密友專屬的細語,帶出平日難言於表的思想反應;插畫師吳嘉寶創作了一個個不思議飲食世界;Philip Pecker拍下對於童年自家飯的記憶;另一位插畫師黎思恩即以《Life Is Better With》為主題,分享她對吃的癡迷。 生活總有稀奇古怪的事發生,都巿人的現實生活卻早已容不下半點想像。小時候吃飯的快樂,怎麼長大了一點,就成為了單調的例行規律?

Eating and art are both, by nature, pure acts of sharing.

 A Piece of vol. 2 invites photographer Yan Kallen to record rooftop herbs through his photographic lens; printmaker Jade Lam shares her personal experience on living abroad through ink and a carving knife; poet Belle Ling expresses deep-seated thoughts and feelings with murmurs as if from your closest friends; illustrator Ng Ka Po creates an imaginary world of food; artist Philip Pecker captures memories of his childhood meals; illustrator Lup shares her obsession with eating through the theme of Life Is Better With. 

Weird and wonderful things often happen in life but too often the lives of city dwellers suck the last drop of imagination dry. How did the joy of eating we had when we were young, now becomes a monotonous routine?

Belle Ling, Jade Lam, Kallen Yan, Lup, Ng Ka Po, Philip Pecker


Size: 195 × 265 × 8.76mm
Pages: 108 pages
Binding: Pamphlet binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2016
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-1-4