A Piece Of Magazine Vol.2

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從「Taste of paper」出發,讓一眾年輕藝術創作者透過自身對食物的情感、回憶,以紙本美學、藝術形式展現食物最為自然的美態及味道。攝影師殷家樑用他的創作,述說關於香草的故事;版畫師林沛鈺則用她的手,結合油墨、雕刻刀,跟你分享一個旅居外地的情感記事;凌愷晴的詩像是密友專屬的細語,帶出平日難言於表的思想反應,牽掛在你的心腸;機敏勤奮的插畫師家寶,把我們短暫停留於她奇妙而有趣的不思議飲食世界;攝影師 Philip Pecker,找回自己兒時對吃的回憶, 將對「住家飯」的記憶,放到照片之上;而另一位插畫師黎思恩則向世界大喊一聲 “Life is better with”,向各位分響大快朵的爽快感。

Taking off from the idea of ‘the taste of paper’, A piece of is a magazine that brings together food, art and paper. With paper serving as the dishware, we invite various young talents from a variety of creative disciplines to serve up their own perception of food and explore what these ubiquitous staples teach us all about eating, creating and living.

In this second issue, photographer Yan Kallen tells us about the stories behind the portraits of his herbs; printmaker Jade Lam shares her personal experience on the importance of food in a community as an exchange student; writer Belle Ling’s poems are like your closest friend’s murmur, expressing thought and feeling deep in your heart; illustrator Ng Ka Po creates an imaginary world of food and tableware through her fascinating illustrations; artist Philip depicts his impression of a home-made dinner through the light and shade of photography; illustrator Lup makes you drool seeing her water colour paintings, shouting out to the world about the happiness and enjoyment of eating like a horse.

參與藝術家 Participating Artists
Belle Ling
Jade Lam
Yan Kallen
Ng Ka Po
Philip Pecker

Published by MOSSES
196mm(w) x 265mm(h)
108 pages
Offset Printing