Between The Light And Darkness - Yan Kallen

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贏得「京都国際写真祭 Kyotographie​ 2016」KG+ 大獎的香港藝術家殷家樑,移居京都半年,參與當地多位職人和藝術家的生活,創作現正於京都古蹟建築「無名舎」展出的 KYOTOGRAPHIE 2017 作品系列《光と闇のはざまに》(Between the Light and Darkness)。


此書由香港獨立出版社 Mosses 配合殷家樑於「京都国際写真祭 KYOTOGRAPHIE 2017」出展作品《光と闇のはざまに》(Between the Light and Darkness) 而出版。旨在打開通往作品世界的另一個入口,提供另一種觀賞的可能性,並希望一位來自香港的藝術家能夠被世界看見。

Gazing at tool and scenery around artist and artisan, through Yan Kallen’s work, Between the Light and Darkness would like to present a similar state with staring at the moon. Through the still image of objects, one could sense the flow of time, the vague edge between light and darkness, the slow but exact movement could not be spotted by eyes, and constant change of everything.

Yan Kallen, who has been awarded the Kyotographie 2016 KG+ prize, moved to Kyoto half a year ago. He has been visiting the working area of Japanese artisan and artist. The work which is now exhibiting in Kyoto monument Mumeisha, Between the Light and Darkness, is based on this experience. In this work, Yan observes kettle, lacquerware, mirror, tools used in rituals, tatami, dyed cloth, Japanese paper, pottery, artist and artisan. Yan recorded their working tools and environment, share the Japanese artisan spirit with other in image.

This book is published by Hong Kong independent publisher Mosses, in accordance with the artwork Between the Light and Darkness, which is exhibiting in KYOTOGRAPHIE 2017. We aim at providing another perspective of art appreciation and by that, to make another Hong Kong artist be attended by the world.



Published by Mosses
80 pages
25 cm x 31 cm
Duotone plates offset printing
Hot foil embossed soft cover
Edition of 700 copies
Printed in Hong Kong