Between the Light and Darkness / 光と闇のはざまに / 光暗間 — Yan Kallen

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「伊勢神宮每廿年重建一次, 這項儀式已傳承超過一千三百年。」── 《光暗間》

2016年春,藝術家殷家樑於「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭」獲得「KG+ Award」年度大獎,得以開始駐村計劃。藝術家移居京都半年,四處探訪手藝職人,包括釜師、塗師、鏡師、神具指物師、畳職人、紙漉師、陶藝家。

殷家樑以沉靜的目光,觀察職人的一舉一動,拍下了抄紙、鋸、冬天的風景,曾經存在於這空間的空氣,以及置身其中的,攝影師的身體的微弱震動。 殷家樑注視職人的工具、工作的環境,這些物件與映像同時誕生。攝影的本質就像手藝,把身體委托給外在的力量,精心把當中蘊含的什麼引發出來,創造出各種具象的事物。在殷家樑的快門間,我們通過事物,看見了時間,看見明暗之間模糊的輪廓。

本書配合殷家樑於「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭2017」展出作品《光と闇のはざまに》出版。


“Shikinen Sengu” the rebuilding of the Ise Jingu Shrine every 20 years. A ritual passed down across generations for over 1,300 years. — Between the Light and Darkness

In the spring of 2016, artist Yan Kallen was awarded the KG+ Award from KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival and began his residency program. Yan moved to Kyoto for six months, visited various of artisans including makers of cauldrons, paint, mirrors, sacred ornaments, tatami, paper and ceramics. Yan observed the artisans’ movement with a calm and composed manner, captured the scenery of paper, saw and winter days, as well as the still air and tremors of the photographers’ body.

Fixating on the tools and environment of the artisans, these objects and their imagery are revealed simultaneously. The essence of photography is like a form of craft — offering one’s body to an external force then carefully drawing out whatever is within to create all sorts of material things. Between Yan’s shutters, we see time through things, and the blurred silhouette between light and darkness.

This book is complimentary to Yan’s exhibition at KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival, titled Between the Light and Darkness.



YAN Kallen 殷家樑

1981年生於香港,先後於倫敦中央聖馬丁設計學院及紐約帕森設計學院修讀設計,其後於2004年成立個人工作室Office of Yan Kallen,並在紐約和阿姆斯特丹開展藝術指導生涯。2009年開始個人創作,作品曾於首爾、悉尼、京都及香港展出。2016年於「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭」獲得KG+ Award年度大獎,亦曾入選2012年香港當代藝術獎、2013年香港攝影集比賽及PhotoLucida Critical Mass 2015。

Born in Hong Kong in 1981. Yan attended Central Saint Martins College in London and Parsons School of Design in New York. In 2004, Yan launched his studio, Office of Yan Kallen, and began his career in art directing in New York and Amsterdam. Working primarily with photography, sculptures, and video, Yan finds inspiration from traditional Eastern philosophical ideas and is known for his works on the relationship between human and nature. Yan started creating artworks in 2009, exhibited in Seoul, Sydney, Kyoto and Hong Kong. In 2016, Yan received the Kyotographie International Photography Festival KG+AWARD, and was previously shortlisted for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards by Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2012, Hong Kong Photo Book Awards in 2013 and The 2015 PhotoLucida Critical Mass.


Size: 255 × 310 × 12mm
Pages: 86 pages
Binding: Pamphlet binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2017
Language: Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-3-8