A for Antalis — Daughter

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《A for Antalis》第一期以「daughter」為主題,訪問了12個香港家庭關於孩子的故事。每個故事均有其關鍵詞,以不同角度切入每段親子關係中,必然面對的課題。12個詞語分別是: 「修練」、「改變」、「取捨」、「出走」、 「延續」、「社區」、「調節」、「學習」、 「日常」、「生死」、「行動」、「火花」。 《daughter》裡的家庭故事各異,卻有一個共通點,就是不以物質限制家庭的模樣,為孩子的成長和彼此的生命保留了不確定的想像力。本雜誌與紙行近利(Antalis)合作出版,在收集故事外,強調紙品的觸感和設計的可能性。12個關鍵詞的頁面採用了不同的紙張,以媒介實現各種關係的觸感。

The first issue of A for Antalis is themed around daughter, interviewing twelve Hong Kong families on their stories about their children. Each story has a key word delineating the angle from which parent-child relationship and its necessary lessons are viewed, including:

Practice, Change, Choice, Departure, Continuation, Community, Adjustment, Learning, Everyday, Life, Action, Spark. 
 Each story is unique yet share a common ground: not allowing materials to limit family. Partnering with paper merchant Antalis, this magazine emphasises the tactility of paper and the possibility of design. Each keyword page utilises a different types of paper, allowing the medium to reveal the essence of each story.


Size: 220 × 280 × 12mm
Pages: 140 pages
Binding: Smyth sewn binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2017
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-2-1