moist | a little wet.

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每個時代,都有它自己的禁忌。 如果,真的要為藝術行為定下明確的定義,也許就是這樣——把不敢言說的禁忌,從社會的陰影中帶出來,展示在眾人的目光下。 也許會痛,也許會羞怯,可是保證暢快。

Every era has its taboo. If you really had to define art, perhaps it would be this: bringing out the unspeakable from society’s shadows and showing it to the world. It may hurt and it may be shy, but feelgood guaranteed.


3cm, Bravo Ko, n_n_n_o, Tommy Wing Tsang & Sly


Size: 300 × 420 mm
Pages: 20 pages
Binding: Loose binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2016
Language: English
Edition: First Edition