stone in mist — Wong Sze Chit

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本書源自於藝術家於2013年舉辦的第一場展覽。當時,他從漫長的旅途歸來,歐洲發生的一切,都遙遠得像場幻夢。為了重現旅途的感覺,他繪畫了一系列的畫作,並在香港書店kubrick舉辦名為《mist》的展覽。 其中一幅,是石頭的羅列。

This book originates from the artist’s first exhibition in 2013. After returning from a long trip in Europe, everything that happened there seemed as far as a dream. To relive the feelings of the journey, the artist created a series of drawings and held an exhibition at Hong Kong bookshop kubrick named mist. One of his drawings is an inventory of stones. Staring at them, you may find that their shape changes depending on your perspective.

Wong Szechit 黃思哲

以香港為據點的畫家。曾為《自圓記》、《浮蕊盪蔻》等文學作品創作插圖,及為獨立音樂節設計海報。出版物「stone in mist」被日本獨立出版圖書館「宝塚メディア図書館」於2013年選為永久館藏。(現為大阪国際メディア図書館)

An artist based in Hong Kong. Illustrator for literature works including “自圓記” and “浮蕊盪蔻” and posters of independent music festivals. His publication, stone in mist, was selected by Osaka International Media Library, an independent Japanese library for publication, as a permanent collection.

Size: 114 × 182 × 1.5mm
Pages: 20 pages
Binding: Loose binding
Printing: Risograph printing
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Edition: First Edition