Traces 痕跡 — Yuen-yi Lo 羅婉儀

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繪畫部份記錄了一系列鉛筆作畫,包括手的自畫像、被畫框限制的《mad woman speaks》、記錄手製書過程的《work in progress》、收集泥土中的貝殼《cosmo-shells unearthed in my garden》、以工具為被寫體的《tools Dad remade》等。由定義自我、質疑符號,延伸至捕捉記憶留下的片刻痕跡。



Lo Yuen Yi is an artist that is hard to define. She specialises in using text to document artists and their creative endeavours and using drawing to deconstruct and reconstruct both words and concepts. Traces is divided into two parts—words and drawings—but the same questions underlie the two: who am I? What is art? What is the essence of memories? Each question is independent yet intertwined. 

The drawings are a collection of pencil sketches, including portraits of a hand, mad women speaks featuring frames, work in progress which records the making of a hardbound book, cosmos-shells unearthed in my garden collecting shells from soil, tools Dad remade with tools as the subject etc. From defining oneself, to symbols of doubt, to capturing the broken traces left by memories. 

The words are made up of seven essays which start with a discussion about the space for creativity and end at fixation on cities. As everything disappears, Lo asks: what are memories? Are there any left? In response, she replies:

The meaning of memory is within each person’s experience

It has its own language

Your memories are not mine

My memories are not bigger than his or hers


羅婉儀 Yuen-yi Lo

從事藝術創作、寫作及教學工作。出版書籍有:《呢喃》(香港:Kubrick   2020)、《痕跡》(澳門:弘藝峰;香港:Mosses  2019)、《美好年代:寫給藝術家的21封信》(北京:百花洲文藝  2017)、《穿越世紀的情書──寫給巴黎藝術家的21封信》(台北:南方家園  2013)、《文字.繪畫》(香港:Kubrick  2012)、《一冊女書筆記──探尋中國湖南省江永縣上江墟鄉女書》(香港:新婦女協進會  2003)。

An artist, writer and lecturer. Her publications included: Whispers (Hong Kong: Kubrick, 2020), Traces (Macau: Arts Empowering Lab; Hong Kong: Mosses, 2019), Beautiful Era – 21 Letters to the Artists (Beijing: Baihuazhou Literature & Art Press, 2017), Love Messages across the Centuries: 21 Letters to Parisian Artists (Taipei: Homeward, 2013), Drawing the Writing (Hong Kong: Kubrick, 2012), A Journal of Nüshu – An Exploration of the Women’s Writing Script in Shangjiangxu Township, Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, China (Hong Kong: Association for the Advancement of Feminism, 2003).


Bag Size: 275 × 340mm x 15mm
Pages: 2 books, 170 pages in total with 4 postcards
Binding: Pamphlet binding & Saddle-stitching
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2020
Language: Traditional Chinese, English
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-9-0