where she sleeps — Wong Sze Chit

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法國作家杜拉斯(Marguerite Duras, M.D.)老去後,曾在公共場所的大廳裡,遇到一位男人向她走來。「那時候,你還很年輕,」那男人對她說:「人人都說你美,我是特意來告訴你,現在,你比年輕的時候更美。」他等了等,又繼續說:「我更愛你備受摧殘的面容。」



離開前,他把削得短短的筆放在M.D.墓前。 沉睡以後,也許,他找到她最美的樣子。


French writer Marguerite Duras (M.D.) met a man walking towards her in the hall of a public place in her old age. “Back then, when you were young,” the man said. “Everybody said you were beautiful. But I came here to tell you, you are more beautiful now than when you were young.“ He waited, then continued, “I love your weathered face more.”

Artist Wong Szechit went to Paris in 2017 and stayed for three consecutive days at the Montparnasse Cemetery, using a red colour pencil to sketch the chaotic tombstones, painful sculptures and a huge tree raging like fire. He once said that no matter how much a city changes, cemeteries remain the same. In these places, everything is set aside by time. 

Perhaps he traversed borders and sketched these bright red strokes to lay to rest the pain that he had nowhere to bury. Tombstones have the power, he always said, to reflect how you are within.

Before he left, Wong placed his shortened pencil in front of M.D.’s grave. In her deep sleep, perhaps he found her at her most beautiful stage.


黃思哲 Wong Szechit

以香港為據點的畫家。曾為《自圓記》、《浮蕊盪蔻》等文學作品創作插圖,及為獨立音樂節設計海報。出版物「stone in mist」被日本獨立出版圖書館「宝塚メディア図書館」於2013年選為永久館藏。(現為大阪国際メディア図書館)

An artist based in Hong Kong. Illustrator for literature works including “自圓記” and “浮蕊盪蔻” and posters of independent music festivals. His publication, stone in mist, was selected by Osaka International Media Library, an independent Japanese library for publication, as a permanent collection.


Size: 270 × 186 × 8.5mm
Pages: 48 pages
Binding: Section sewn binding
Printing: Offset printing
Publication Year: 2017
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 978-988-77930-4-5